Top 5 Countries in the World for an Adventurous Activity

Life is too short to be sad. Life is all about making friend, living life to the fullest and takes the adventure of nature. If you are one who love to experience the life with full freedom and adventure then you are very much welcome to this article. Today I am going to talk about technology or security. Today all I want to talk about is the adventure of life. The world is full of nature and thus leads to adventure and all. Every country has its own adventurous nature. In this post I am going to talk about top countries for an adventurous journey.


South Africa

South Africa is all about adventure and adventure. Be it watching the wild animals or a hiking or a joyful rock climbing everything is here in South Africa. This is the country which has the maximum number of wildlife and safari the world. For those who want to check a gleam of nature and wildlife, then go spend some day in South Africa.


Next is Australia. It is a big destination for all adventure lovers as this country has a lot more to offer to all of those who love adventure. What kind of adventure, likes to explore? Hiking, Rock climbing, Kayaking, surfing, paraglide or boating everything you will find here.


Nepal the destination for those who loves to enjoy the adventure of mountain and rock climbing. It homes of hundreds of mountains and the big grandpa of the mountain the Himalaya. Some of the adventures you can enjoy here are biking, cycling, hot air balloon, paraglide, rock climbing and if you are strong enough the Himalaya climbing.


Switzerland is also known as the heaven on the earth. It has the beauty of nature and scenery that makes it a perfect destination for all. The country is not only adventurous but it’s peaceful too. You have all kinds of snow and sports adventure in this country.

There are also some other countries available that you should consider while thinking of making an adventurous decision. Whenever you always out for an adventure make sure to take care of safety.

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November 23, 2015

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Is it possible to protect privacy on Smartphone?

The smartphone is now becoming more important gadget for everyone. Whether you a working man, a student, a housewife or a traveler you need to have a smartphone to connect with others. According to the study, the smartphone is the only gadget that a human being uses most in a day. With smartphone, we can connect to the friends via internet, we can find solution from Google we can even share our though with others. So in short your smartphone is your identity so it is very important to protect your smartphone in order to protect your privacy.

secure smartphone privacy

The term privacy can be defined as a gateway for your entire digital file and all other things that can lead you in problem in future. So here the question arise how to protect our privacy on a smartphone.

Some of the simple yet powerful way to protect your privacy is listed below.

Restrict Background app processing

On smartphone, we usually install lots of apps and who knows if some of them spying on you and sending your stats to the server by using your phones data. We can’t stop using apps and also sound unrealistic, but we can surely restrict them to not process in the background. By doing this we reduce the chance of privacy leak.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a great source to connect to the internet and it is possible that you will get 1 or 2 or even more Wi-Fi which are not protected with a password. You can connect to the network and access to the internet. But beware it is also possible that the owner of the Wi-Fi spying your activity and recording what you are doing online. This is a simple way to hack anyone’s personal data.

Avoid Installing apps from Unknown Source

Though this is not the best way, but yes, you can always use a trusted source of the app to install. Always install the app which available on the official app store. iTunes for iOS user, Google Play Store for Android user and Windows Store for Windows phone is the official store.

Always use Strong Unlock Password for your Phone

This is the simplest way to steal your personal data and this is mostly done by people whom you know very well. So it is always advisable that use a strong password to unlock your phone. Also hide your important file if possible.

Security is a big concern you should be aware of those small things that can harm your online and offline privacy. If you are concerned about your privacy then, do what says above.

November 18, 2015

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Best Selfie apps for Android for taking beautiful selfies

Generally speaking, Selfie means taking your own photo by using your front camera on your phone. Taking selfie can be done by holding the phone in your hand or by using a selfie stick. The craze of selfie is now in its high level. People are crazy to take selfie and you can see find at least one person taking selfie at any popular place. Selfie is usually taken to share on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Most of people take selfie to look better and then edit according to their own choice. With the growing craze of selfie, now there is now some selfie app available for smartphones like Android and iOS.

Best Selfie taking app for Android

Today I am going to talk about Android and some best selfie app for taking stunning selfies in one shot. So guys, let’s just start.

Free Selfie Taking apps for Android

There are many I am listing some of them here.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam is the best selfie or front facing app for Android, which delivers lots of features and filters to make your selfie perfect. It features both still snapshot and video selfie. Its real-time beautifying feature lets you compare how you look before and after taking photos or selfie videos. It has some cool effects and photo editing tool to correct some basic problems like Red eye, Skin, wrinkles and some other.

Selfie Camera

Selfie Camera is another great self-photo taking app available for free at Google play store. It has more than 20 filters which promise a stunning photo. It’s basic photo editor helps to reduce and enhance red eyes, spots on face, dark complexion and many more.

Insta Selfie Cam Pic Collage

The Insta Selfie is a great app for Android to take and create a perfect Collage with pictures, effect and filter. It also supports frames and has more than 30 templates to make your photo super cool. Its easy sharing option lets you share your pictures easily over different social site like Facebook and Instgram.

Selfie is trending now and all the popular faces are taking selfie and posting over social sites. If you also love to take selfies then I am sure these apps are going to make your selfies even better.

November 12, 2015

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