According to NM State Senator Sharer’s Attorney,

“... all marriage licenses... for couples other than

those constituting only an unmarried male and female, are invalid.”

Don’t let Sharer Win!

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Aug. 21, 2013 will be remembered as the day the landscape shifted for LGBT people and their allies in the State of New Mexico.
At 8 a.m. that fateful morning, Dona Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins opened the doors of his office to all committed, loving couples in New Mexico and began issuing marriage licenses. He did it despite opposition from the Governor's Office and many high-placed politicians and political activists. But he said he was tired of waiting for the courts, and his careful reading of the N.M. Constitution and statutes compelled him to move forward.
For months leading up to his decision, Mr. Ellins and a close circle of confidants conferred with a legal team to make sure that if the decision to issue licenses were challenged, a quick and effective defense could be mounted. Before the first license was issued on Aug. 21, more than $10,000 in legal fees already had been incurred.
Mr. Ellins is mindful that not all of his constituents agree with the principal or the ideology behind his decision, and he has stated his intention not to spend taxpayer funds defending his decision to issue licenses. Legal action has now been filed and legal costs will begin to climb rapidly.
We're asking you to support Mr. Ellins and his daring leadership by making a donation to help cover legal costs already incurred, as well as legal costs that may be lurking in the near future. In the event that we receive more contributions than we need to cover the actual costs, we'll donate the excess to an organization that will continue the fight for equal rights for all New Mexicans in every sense of the word.
His gambit has already paid off, with marriage licenses being issued to all couples in Santa Fe County as of Aug. 23, and more counties ordering supplies to follow suit shortly.
Mr. Ellins stood for you on Aug. 21. Will you stand with him today with your donation? We who support his leadership appreciate your strong consideration and your generous financial support.

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